minimal gallery 0.8.1

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Some hackers found a security vulnerability in my minimal gallery script a few days ago. It consisted of what they call a “transversal attack” and it’s actually dangerous only if your server is not properly configured which shouldn’t be the case with most hosting companies…

But you never know, so I fixed minimal gallery, and while I was at it, I fixed a couple other bugs and I updated the “basic” theme so now it stretches/shrinks to adapt to pictures of different width. I added that feature mainly because I switched from 700px to 900px wide photos on my gallery.

Some of you might notice the pretty significant size increase of the download (a whole 70K now!). It’s because I included jQuery in preparation for some upcoming features… Hopefully coming within the next few months. I’m hoping work will calm down a bit so I’ll have time for personal projects again…

The v.0.8.1 update is recommended for everyone, just make sure you backup your preference file and any template you have customized before!

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