Is the iPad a game changer? Should I care?

Before we know what type of repercussions the iPad will have on web design, we first need to figure out if the iPad lives up to the hype…

Going from Print Design to Web Design

Because of my job, I have a lot of designer friends. Most of them went to college for design, but didn’t study web/interactive design there, and I often get that question: “Where do I start?”

Git workflow for web development

Step-by-step on how to get yourself a smooth workflow with all that Git has to offer built right in.

The Ultimate Web Dev Setup

Here’s a description of my development setup. It’s basically what I’ve narrowed it down to after many years working as a web designer/developer. It’s working very well for me, but I’d be curious to hear other professionals’ take on the subject…

IE8 Version Targeting

Everywhere I look, everyone is against Microsoft’s new proposal… besides Jeffrey Zeldman and A list Apart that is… What’s got into them?

On Conditional Comments

Conditional comments allow you to target specific CSS declarations to Internet Explorer only. They’re a much better alternative to “CSS hacks.” Here’s why…

Behaviors and UI Design

This list of typical user behavioral patterns will help you keep the user as a top priority throughout the entire UI design process.