TextMate CSS bundle

download TextMate CSS bundle 1.5

Version History

Check out the HTML and CSS TextMate Bundle Screencast (25.8MB/19:22) to get an idea of what these bundles can do for you. It’s too long, and English is definitely not my first language… But it should give you a better idea on how to use those bundles.

The basic idea behind this CSS bundle is to access everything through tab triggers. You can access every CSS property by typing its initials. This system eliminates almost all typing… Here are a few examples:

property tab trigger
color c
padding-top pt
border-right-width brw

To avoid triggering properties that have similar initials, they’re a few exceptions to this rule:

property tab trigger
background bg
clear cl
cursor cu
float fl
outline ol
position po

The biggest change from the previous version is po instead of p for “position.” I changed that so that I don’t get padding-right and position: relative at the same time anymore.

But it doesn’t stop there… Keyword based property values can also be directly accessed by adding the first letter of the value to the tab trigger. For instance:

property tab trigger
display: block; db
font-style: italic; fsi
vertical-align: middle; vam

Once you use it, you’ll see how fast this system really is.


Note: For Git users, I recommend installing my TextMate bundles via Github.

Download the zip file and uncompress it. You’ll get a TextMate bundle called “mCSS” which you can simply double click to install. If you’re updating, check the release info… Also, make sure you save your own CSS bundle first if you’ve customized it so that you have a clean backup of your own setup (just drag and drop it from the bundle editor). Check out the TextMate manual for more info on TextMate bundles.