How to name your images

When I first started as a web designer, one aspect of the actual production process I had never put much thought into was the file naming convention to use for images in my CSS code.

Actiontastic vs. iGTD

Both iGTD and Actiontastic are easy to use, stable, free, and they share a very similar feature set. But after spending some time this morning testing both, I can confidently recommend Actiontastic as a better choice. Why? In a nutshell: Actiontastic’s developer has a better understanding of GTD methodology.

Web Standards Mean Business

If you’re in the market for a new website and you’re wondering wether or not this whole “Web Standards” thing makes business sense, read on…

Remote TextMate Projects

You want to know the easy way to use TextMate’s Projects with files located on a remote server? Read on…

Serving iPhone Specific CSS

Here’s the easy way to serve iPhone specific CSS files.

Behaviors and UI Design

This list of typical user behavioral patterns will help you keep the user as a top priority throughout the entire UI design process.

OS X Backup System

“They’re two kinds of people: those who lost all their data before… and those who will.” A good backup system should let you get back to work within 2 minutes of a drive failure and let you recover any client’s job even if your office burns down.

On Conditional Comments

Conditional comments allow you to target specific CSS declarations to Internet Explorer only. They’re a much better alternative to “CSS hacks.” Here’s why…