Moving to the cloud

I finally made the jump… Why? In a nutshell: convenience & ubiquity.

Git workflow for web development

Step-by-step on how to get yourself a smooth workflow with all that Git has to offer built right in.

10 Ways to Code Better, Faster, Stronger HTML

Here are some ideas and technics I’ve developed throughout the years working as a web developer. If you’re looking for ways to improve your coding efficiency, you might pick up a few useful tips in there…

The Ultimate Web Dev Setup

Here’s a description of my development setup. It’s basically what I’ve narrowed it down to after many years working as a web designer/developer. It’s working very well for me, but I’d be curious to hear other professionals’ take on the subject…

OS X Backup System

“They’re two kinds of people: those who lost all their data before… and those who will.” A good backup system should let you get back to work within 2 minutes of a drive failure and let you recover any client’s job even if your office burns down.

Remote TextMate Projects

You want to know the easy way to use TextMate’s Projects with files located on a remote server? Read on…

How to name your images

When I first started as a web designer, one aspect of the actual production process I had never put much thought into was the file naming convention to use for images in my CSS code.

Never hack your CSS files again

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just code for Standards compliant browser, and then only add a few rules in a separate file to tweak browser specific rendering quirks and call it a day? Well… that’s the way I’ve been doing it for a few years now.