TextMate HTML Bundle

download TextMate HTML Bundle 1.5

Version History


This HTML Bundle and my CSS Bundle should significantly streamline your front end development workflow. It does for me anyway…

This HTML bundle keeps all the functionality of the original bundle, and you should definitely familiarize yourself with the way it works (13.3MB Screencast from the master himself). My bundle just adds on a few useful shortcuts and a bunch of tab triggers.

I first thought about making a shortcut/tab trigger “cheat sheet” to help people understand how to use these bundles, but a screencast is probably easier for everybody. It’s a little too long, and English is definitely not my first language… I’ll try to do better next time. But for now, here we go:

The HTML and CSS TextMate Bundle Screencast (25.8MB/19:22)


Note: For Git users, I recommend installing my TextMate bundles via Github.

Download the zip file and uncompress it. You’ll get a TextMate bundle called “mHTML” which you can simply double click to install. If you’re updating, check the release info… You might want to save your own HTML bundle first if you’ve customized it so that you have a clean backup of your own setup (just drag and drop it from the bundle editor). Check out the TextMate manual for more info on TextMate bundles.


If you like this one, you should definitely try my CSS TextMate Bundle