Tech Specs

The (few) graphic elements on this site were created with Photoshop and Illustrator.

The HTML+CSS+Javascript front end was hand coded in TextMate. The beautiful jQuery library was used for unobtrusive Javascript enhancements (you can safely turn Javascript off without loosing any of the site’s functionality).

The CMS that powers minimal design is custom made, hand coded in PHP and MySQL, with the help of the light but poweful Code Igniter PHP framework.

Legal Statement


Everything on minimal design website is © minimal design LLC, all rights reserved. This means you may not steal any of the contents nor the design. Except the files available in the downloads section, if you’d like to use anything from this site, get in touch because chances are I want to help you. But if you steal without contacting me, I will probably find out, and if I do, I will make sure that everyone else on this side of the internet finds out too.


Linking to any page on this site is welcome. However, bandwidth hijacking is not. Anyone pulling files off my server for use on another site without permission should be prepared to pay the consequences.


Comments belong to their authors, and minimal design LLC takes no responsibility for anything anyone posts. In order to keep comments legible, and the content relevant, minimal design LLC reserves the right to delete any posts for any reasons, and to clean up formatting errors within posts. However, the actual meaning of the posts will never be edited.

Privacy Policy

The email address you provide when writing comments is never displayed on the site. The email address you provide, whether in the comments, or through any of the forms on this site, will never be sold, rented, given, or otherwise made available to other sites, mailing lists, or third parties.

When you post a comment your IP number is logged. This never appears on the site and will never be made available to third parties.


minimal design does not tolerate unsolicited advertising. The first time a comment containing advertising is posted, it will be deleted. The second time, the IP address the comment originates from will be banned, no questions asked, no warning.

Accessibility Statement

Access keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links via keyboard shortcuts. You can use the access keys listed in the table below from anywhere on this site, but the shortcut combo is different depending on your computer:

  • On Mac: control + access key
  • On PC: alt + access key
Access key Target
⌃ 1 (alt 1) Home page
⌃ 2 (alt 2) Skip navigation
⌃ 9 (alt 9) Contact
⌃ 0 (alt 0) Access key details

Standards compliance

All pages comply with priority 1 guidelines of the W3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the U.S. Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines.

All pages validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict and are served as XML to browsers that explicitly accept application/xhtml+xml MIME type in their HTTP_ACCEPT header.

All pages also feature structured semantic markup completely separated from the CSS based visual design. That means that you can read and navigate this site easily on virtually any platform and browser without any problem.


Many links have title attributes which describe the link in detail, unless the link itself already clearly describes its target. All links are written to make sense out of context to accommodate browsers that can extract links on a page and let users browse them as a list (JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx, Opera, etc…).

There are no “javascript-only” links anywhere on this site, all links can be followed in any browser with Javascript off.


When appropriate, images have an alt attribute that either describes the image content or its purpose, depending on context.

More about Accessibility

If you want to learn more about accessibility, check out my accessibility bookmarks on, and make sure to visit accessibility guru Joe Clark’s website.