New mHTML snippet for

I just added support for with a new snippet for my HTML TExtMate bundle. Enjoy!

TextMate HTML bundle v.1.5

TextMate HTML bundle v.1.5 does not replace the default HTML bundle anymore, it is now a separate bundle that works as an addition to the default HTML bundle.

10 Ways to Code Better, Faster, Stronger HTML

Here are some ideas and technics I’ve developed throughout the years working as a web developer. If you’re looking for ways to improve your coding efficiency, you might pick up a few useful tips in there…

TextMate HTML Bundle Update

I just fixed an incompatibility introduced in a recent TextMate update that would make the HTML theme freak out if PHP was included at the top of an HTML document.

IE8 Version Targeting

Everywhere I look, everyone is against Microsoft’s new proposal… besides Jeffrey Zeldman and A list Apart that is… What’s got into them?

On Conditional Comments

Conditional comments allow you to target specific CSS declarations to Internet Explorer only. They’re a much better alternative to “CSS hacks.” Here’s why…

How to name your images

When I first started as a web designer, one aspect of the actual production process I had never put much thought into was the file naming convention to use for images in my CSS code.